A different green Tea


I personally not very fond of green tea itself, however when I tried this, it gives a little different impression to me.

Green tea or Matcha has a really strong flavour, whereas popcorn tea has a lighter flavour that you don’t feel or think they are the same.

This Hawa-ya-doin is from Steeped Tea.

It has green tea, genmaicha, ginger, cardamom, bamboo shoots, red peppercorns, papaya pieces, shredded coconut, pineapple pieces.

The green tea leaves are good, it doesn’t give a strong taste of green as usual I think because it has genmaicha, more spices and fruit pieces which helps. It is a very fresh and refreshing taste of the tea. The mixture of the fruit just perfect, not too fruity neither. When you take a sip and let it stays in your mouth for awhile, the combination or the taste of the tea is so nice, and smooth.

I have been drinking it everyday and almost run out of it, gotta to get some soon.  If you would like to order some, please contact me at annachungca@gmail.com 🙂

Have a great day!

Tea of the day

It has been awhile since my last entry for tea.

So here is what I am drinking today. Guess what it is?

It is a very interesting tea.


And share what are you drinking today as well.

Coffee Ice? Iced Coffee?


So in order to enjoy a cup of iced coffee even more, instead of letting the ice (that usually just made with water) affect the taste or make the coffee taste less strong, I first brewed some coffee and make it into ice cubes.

Yes it is a fishy shapes 🙂 to make it more fun.

Then I brewed some hot Sozo coffee, and put into the fridge to cool down.

Once the ice are ready, I take the coffee out from the fridge, add the coffee ice cubes into the coffee, add milk, some sugar and then tasted it.

Result: The coffee still tastes good even the  ices melt, but because the ice is already made with coffee, the tastes doesn’t fade or less strong. It maintains the tastes and tastes good 🙂

This coffee is from Sozo coffee, it has premium, Colombian and Decaf.
The Sozo coffee is different than other coffee because one cup of Sozo coffee gives you a cup of blueberry antioxidant level.

To know more about Sozo coffee: go to www.sozolife.com/akaiddiaz

Coffee ice

When the two meet…introducing….


It is no longer alone.

I have been a tea lover, not a coffee lover.

It has been a long time when I first felt in love with coffee, that was 10 years ago.

I have been recommending good teas to all my friends, family and online audiences.

If it is not good, I am honest and would not recommend to anyone.

Recently I came across a coffee that I fall in love with.

And I am going to share my coffee experience here from now on as well as tea.

Therefore, it is no longer a tea blog, it is a tea & a coffee blog.

*p.s. for those might not know, in Hong Kong, there is a drink that actually make tea and coffee together.  It is a very special kind of taste and taste really good that it is very popular locally.

How interesting when the two meet together 🙂

A perfect cup of tea – A different earl grey

To have a cup of tea, I cannot not deny this is a good cup of tea that I have this afternoon.

Earl Grey used to be my favorite of tea, however, not all the brands taste all good and to find one that you won’t get bored with it is hard.

The one I like, unfortunately the packages hasn’t been changed for the last I guess 10 years (well, just feel like a really long time), and to that affects me not drinking earl grey because of the ‘look’.

I have been wanting to try this tea when I first heard this tea from a TV show – The Dragon’s Den. 

I am a tea lover and I always want to explore new tea especially this brand actually change it to a business and a different way of doing business in the tea industry.

So I ordered my package and waiting to try this tea.

If you are a earl grey lover, you will probably like it.

It gives you a different experience; not simply Earl Grey at all.

It is called Earl Grey de la crème.

I got attracted by the name, Earl Grey & Cream?

Early Grey has been known that something deal with citrus, which I have written one review about it before, so I won’t write more here.

So how does it related to cream?

I really don’t know. But when I opened the package, the aroma of creamy does come out,  it is a really nice creamy smell.

The creamy aroma I found that it sits for awhile even my cup of tea has been poured out for awhile, however, the taste is still the taste of the traditional earl grey, the creamy part doesn’t affect the tea or your experience of earl grey, it only plays a little part in tasting only.

The taste of earl grey still stay quite a bit of time in the mouth, it is a pleasant after taste.

The tea is very smooth.

Because it smells different, taste different, because it uses very nice black tea leaves, the whole experience is different but very nice and enjoyable.

I would let my friends to try it next time when they visit my house and I would recommend it to give it as a gift, as after all it is Earl Grey de la crème.  It will be best if I have some macaroon with me for this afternoon tea.  It will be perfect.


Tea for the day – Tea to cleanse?


I know that tea has a lot of benefit, but tea for cleansing/detoxifying?

It is my first time to hear that.

I actually got introduced by my husband with this brand – Tonica.

The tea name is called Kombucha.

They have been on TV – Dragon’s Den, the Canadian version of Shark Tank.

It helps to detoxify and there is energizing effects.

The company said that Kombucha has naturally liver cleansing acids & digestive aiding enzymes in it.

The website mentions that Kumbucha has been existed since 221 BC and been used around the world.

We bought the Originalitea and the Mango flavour.

The Originalitea is a cinnamon and black tea whereas the Mango is mango and green tea.

The first time I took a sip, I didn’t realised that I was drinking a ‘tea’, it has a little taste of the yeast.

It is very smooth, smells good and it tastes really good.

After we finished one bottle, I actually would want to buy more.

And I have to say, the tea does what it says 🙂

You can go onto the website and see more benefits of the tea, here is the website of the company: http://www.tonicakombucha.com/

I am spoiled with Darjeeling Tea

This is not the first time that I tried Darjeeling Tea.

I am still a beginner in tea, and forgetting and not knowing that Darjeeling Tea is actually quite an expensive black tea to get, I am just very blessed that companies have sent me to try some Darjeeling Tea or I just bought the right tea bags from the tea companies that with Darjeeling Tea in it.

I start liking Darjeeling  a lot, and I believe that if I find the right Darjeeling, I will just drink this black tea only.

This Darjeeling Tea is from Karel Capek. I bought it just because of the packaging, it is cute.


I cannot tell whether it is 1st or 2nd flush, although I am keen on believing it is the first flush due to the color of the tea leaves and the tea color and the taste.  But it tastes slightly different than the one I have with The East India Company.

The previous one tastes like Spring time and fresh, I have the whole leaf at that time, where this one I have the tea bag already which I can’t really tell from outside the bag unless I cut the bag.  This one tastes a little bit more smooth, darker ( or stronger) and more floral taste and the aroma.  All these Darjeeling Tea are from India.

I do like enjoy this package of tea a lot.  It is really nice to drink it in the afternoon and I would recommend it to others as well. 

I hope that I have a chance to try the 2nd flush of Darjeeling so I can learn more the differences and the taste of it.

Mind you, I believe that different tea garden, even the same flush, probably tastes different, so I think I have to try a lot…..really … a lot.

I hope you enjoy this cup of tea as well.

Bye for now.

I did try this tea with another Japanese companies,  here is another review.